We all are responsible for the death of martyr’s wife

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NAHARO DEVI You was not familiar with her. She has taken her last breath on Friday afternoon at 3:30. She was suffering from cervical cancer from past four years. The doctor’s has advised her to stay in AC during summers and in winters stay most of the times in heated rooms but relatives of Naharo Devi not able to do this due to non-availability of Electricity.

How she can stay in AC or heater all the time as there is no electricity from past 1 Year and 3 Months. The Electric power was cut by the previous GOC Major General Sh.VK Yadav of West U.P , and given strict instructions no to give electricity till the last bill was paid. Naharo Devi was the wife of Shahid Albel Singh who was martyred in 1971 in Pakistan.

There are 10 houses in this colony and 40 years back the Governor at that time said that the family of martyrs will be given free electricity and water. On July 2013 the GOC handed over Bill of lakhs of rupee give to the family of martyrs.